Westmoreland Specialty Co. Milk Glass Mustard Jars-1910

Westmoreland Specialty Co. Milk Glass Mustard Jars-1910 to 1923. (In 1923, the name was changed to Westmoreland Glass Co. of today's fame) During the above time period, mustard was only sold in powder form. Not only did Westmoreland Specialty introduced prepared mustard (quite an innovation) but they also sold it in beaustiful little jars that could be reused as creamers, sugar bowls or trinket boxes. They became wildly popular! One would think t would be ton of them around but I sure had a problem tracking them down! For sale are two jars. One is more like a trinket box and the taller one is a sugar. (If you want it, I will also throw in a Creamer that is most attractive but has a half-nickel size chip on one side at the top. Has label, no flowers but a drape under the spout. Lid is intact) The two jars for sale do not have any damage that I see other than dirt. I have not tried to clean up because I don't want to damage the labels. However, I did work on the creamer some to make sure it would clean. Both the old gold trim turned to yukky brown and the grime on the feet came off. But you sure have to work at it because of the teeth on the rim and the crevices on the feet! The lids are not chipped. The taller jar is 6 1/4" tall with lid and 3 3/4" in diameter (The creamer matches this). T are painted flowers on the sides that are ... read more