westone thunder guitar

for sale a westone thunder 1a i bought this of ebay on the 2nd of july i paid 90 for it plus 20 for p&p since buying it iv cleaned it up ie the frets were a right mess there now spotless. the bridge was tarnished bad iv polished it and changed the saddles for some that are the right size and color. now the neck had been broken at some stage of its life check my buyers feedback you will see more pics from the original sale when i bought it read wot the guy says about the neck. iv done a bit of work on it iv taken of the finish over the crack and slightly sanded it out. its now super smooth. the neck despite the repair is perfect its set up perfect low action intonation is spot on. reason im selling i need the money simple as that iv been laid of work which came out the blue so its gotta go it comes with a beat up old case so it will be well protected for its journey through the post plus new strings ernie ball 10s thanks for looking.