Westward Journey 2004,2005,2006 Nickels 2 sets 26 coins

These mint issued sets contain the complete 2004,2005, and 2006 Westward Journey and Return to Monticello uncirculated nickels in beautiful Harris folders. Each 13 coin, set one with gold-plated nickels and one in silver includes:

(1) 2004-P Peace Nickel and (1) 2004-D Peace Nickel

(1) 2004-P Keelboat and (1) 2004-D Keelboat Nickel

(1) 2005-P Buffalo Nickel and (1) 2005-D Buffalo Nickel

(1) 2006-P Return to Monticello and 2006-D Return to Monticello Nickels.

(1) 2006 and (1) 2004 and (1) 2005 Nickel showing obverse and reverse views

******Added bonus I will send 2 Buffalo Nickels dated in the 1930's with each purchase*******

These sets are great values. Check out the list prices for some of these nickels in uncirculated condition. As an added bonus I will include two Buffalo nickels dated in the 1930's.