Wheat Cent Roll w/ 1857!! Seated Half-Dime & EF!! 1900 IH Cent ends (s93)

Two Very Nice End Coins !!

Nice !! 1857 !! Seated Liberty Half-Dime &

EF !! 3-Diamonds !! 1900 FULL LIBERTY Indian Head Cent

on the ends.

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You might be impressed with the quality of these rolls !!

WOW !! .... I have numerous Shotgun Rolls of Wheat Pennies with Mercury Dimes, Barber Dimes, Indian Head Cents, Three-Cent Nickels, Half cents, Seated Dimes on the ends . Some rolls have Nice BU Wheat ends as well, but you will see that most are dimes and IH Cent ends.

These are rolls of Wheat Pennies.......and all rolls have Indian Head Cents and some silver inside.

Please refer to my feedback to see what others have found!!

Please scroll to the bottom of the listing and

Check out the Pictures of both end coins!!

Payment and Return Policy Shipping is $2.95 for the first roll plus $1 for each additional roll. Maximum shipping charge is $5.95 for up to 18 rolls. I combine shipping.....Please do not pay for any item until you want it shipped. I invoice nightly "around 10 pm EST" and will make the shipping adjustment at that time. Due to the nature of the auction there will be no returns accepted. Recent Feedback Rating is 99.9%

I encourage you to

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