Wheat Cent Roll w/ VF!! 1886 Seated Liberty Dime & "s" Mercury Dime ends (d8)

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_______________________________________________________________________________ 1908-s Indian Head Cent reported found November 18, 2014 1908-s Indian Head Cent reported found December 14, 2014 1916-d Mercury Dime found November 30, 2014 1914-d Wheat Cent reported found November, 2014 1909-s VDB Wheat Cent found April 25, 2014 1908-s Indian Head Penny found December 24, 2014 ________________________________________________________________________________ Very Nice Seated Dime !!
Very Fine !! 1886 !! FULL LIBERTY Seated Liberty Dime & " s " Minted Mercury Dime on the ends. Look at the Pictures shown at the bottom of the listing!! You are bidding on the two end coins PLUS all the stuff inside the roll !!
5 1909-s VDB Wheat Cents found so far: November, 2010 December, 2011 February, 2012 July, 2012 April, 2014 24 1916-d Mercury Dimes reported found so far: 2010: April, June, July, August, October, December 2011: January, 2 in April, May, 2 in July, October, November 2012: January, March, September, October 2013: January, March, November 2014: 2 in April !! WOW!! These Shotgun Wheat Penny Rolls have Mercury Dimes, Barber Dimes, Indian Head Cents, Three-Cent Nickels, Half Dimes, and Seated Dimes. You will also see some
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