Wheat penny roll, 1863 Indian Head end, 1909 Indian full liberty end #9422846

I am selling off a collection of coins that my father had saved. He has health issues, and now I need to liquidate these coins. This is a one time sale, as I am not a dealer or a collector, and do not wish to keep them. My only experience on eBay has been selling some old post cards, so bear with me. I opened some of the rolls to check and see how he had sorted them. There is a good mix of dates from teens up through the fifties. There are multiple Indian heads in each roll. There does not appear to be many damaged or discolored coins, but there are a few, mostly some of the teens. There are several bright uncirculated ones in each roll. I found lots of S and D mint marks in each roll. Many of the end coins are the more valuable key dates, and the photos are of the exact coins and rolls that you will receive. I will not be able to accept any returns, but you will be covered by the eBay return policy. If you have any questions please call or email me. Shipping will be as follows: $2.95 for one roll...$3.95 for two rolls...and $5.95 for three rolls up to ten rolls. Be sure to advise if you are buying multiple rolls and want me to invoice and ship them at one time. Thank you and good luck on your bidding.