Wheat Penny Roll "S" IH and "VDB" Penny on Ends!! Both Could Possibly Be 1909-S!

UNSEARCHED Wheat/Indian Penny Roll with Machined Tamper Proof Ends The photos of the end coins are the roll you will receive.
End 1: "S" Indian Head Reverse
End 2: "VDB" Wheat Penny Reverse
This roll is from a great batch of rolls I found at an estate sale. I bought a couple hundred rolls with the intent of searching the rolls but I do not have the time and I would like to sell them. I will be listing the rolls on EBay as I have the time. Many have Indian Heads showing on both ends including several with Flying Eagles and Copper Nickels. I've opened 5 rolls to get an idea of what was in them to sell them and I found the following:
Roll 1: 2x IHC, 5x Teens, 9x 20's, 14x 30's, 20x 40's/50's Roll 2: 2x IHC, 1 Steel Penny, 3x Teens, 5x 20's, 16x 30's, 23x 40's/50's
Roll 3: 3x IHC, 1x 1909 VDB, 1x Flying Eagle, 7x Teens, 12x 20's, 11x 30's, 15x 40's/50's Roll 4: 2x IHC, 3x Teens, 11x 20's, 8x 30's, 26x 40's/50's
Roll 5: 1x IHC, 9x 10’s 5x 20's, 11x 30's, 20x 40's/50's
There was a mix of 'P', 'D' and 'S' mint marks with a couple of AU/BU coins and one steel. Of course, your mileage may vary since each roll was quite different. Since there is no way to guarantee what coins are in each roll (other than the end coins that are listed), there is a strict no refund policy for this auction.
Shipping is via USPS
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