Wheat Roll w/ "d" Barber Dime & 1916 Mercury Dime (f20)

2 Very Nice End Coins !!

1916 Mercury Dime &

"d" Minted Barber Dime

on the ends.

Maybe the RARE Key-Date 1916-d Mercury Dime??

Most recent Finds:

1916-d Mercury Dime found April, 2010 !!!

1955 Double Die Obverse found in January, 2010!!! 1912-s "Very Fine" Lincoln Cent , 1931-s Wheat Penny , 1909-s Lincoln Penny , "EF" 1895 Barber Dime, 1908-s Indian Head Cent. "EF" 1931 s Lincoln Cent

WOW!!! These are some of the most interesting Wheat Penny Shotgun Rolls you will ever see. 2 Nice End Coins on each roll !!

I have numerous Shotgun Rolls of Wheat Pennies with Mercury Dimes, Barber Dimes, BU Wheats, Half Cents, Liberty Seated Dimes and Indian Head Cents on the ends. A few rolls have had nice Wheat Penny ends as well, but most are the dimes and indians as you will see if you have checked out my other listings. These are rolls of unsearched wheat pennies ......and you may find some surprises inside!!

This particular roll has Two Very Nice Coins on the ends. Who knows what's inside. Maybe some Key-Date coins?? Errors?? Only you will know.

Both Coins would make a nice addition to your collection.

Check out the Pictures!!

Some of those who have gotten these rolls have reported Steel Pennies, Indian Cents, and Mercury Dimes inside.
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