WHEATIES 75years of Champions1924-99 GOLD SIGNATURE SET

is a full set of commemorative edition mini WHEATIES boxes, this is 75 years of the best of the best, 1924-1999 collectible boxes featuring the following 11 athletes selected by consumers.

John Elway. Babe Ruth.

Lou Gehrig. Mike Eruzione.

Walter Payton. Tiger Woods.

Mary Lou Retton. Muhammad Ali.

Cal Ripken Jr. Mark McGwire.

Jackie Robinson.

Each mini box has a 24 K GOLD SIGNATURE of that athlete's name on the front. In the inside of each case is a mini box of WHEATIES in a real nice see thru plastic box type container. Each box has certificate of Athenticity Included. This is the entire series, and set. All are invery mint condition. Stored in our smoke free house. Feel free to E-MAIL us with any qustions. GOOD LUCK BIDDING