The Wheel Of Life" BIG Tibetan Art Mandala Art Print Asian Art

"The Wheel Of Life"

"The Wheel Of Life" At the center of the mandala, the intertwined images of a pig, a rooster, and a snake symbolically depict the ignorance, greed, and aggression that characterize the worlds of suffering and dissatisfaction which Buddhists call samsara. Surrounding the central sphere are beings on the path of spiritual evolution. The 3 lower segments of the circle depict the less fortunate levels of existence; the animals, Peta or ghost realms, and the Hell realms. The 3 upper segments depict the more fortunate realms of humans, gods, and demi-gods. The wheel of deluded existence is held by Mara, pictured here as a sharp-taloned, fanged demon. This Art Print is Limited to 100 prints, each print is hand numbered. The image is printed on mold-made, 100% cotton rag watercolor paper imported from France. The image size is 25.5x18 inches. The paper size is 30 x 22 inches. The image is printed using specially engineered ink technology for optimum image quality and over 100 years of lightfastness.

We use the same printer as the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. The image is printed "Giclee". Giclee is a high-resolution digital print that is created by a series of tiny jets spraying millions of droplets of printing ink onto the highest quality archival artists' paper. The spray generates more than four million
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