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WELCOME! ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL POTTERY This is a hand made, wheel thrown pot created by Blaine Atwood of Price, Utah.

This pot is 10âe tall and 6.5âe wide.

This is a hand made, wheel thrown pot, created by Blaine Atwood of Price, Utah. This is a beautiful Naked Raku creation. It has a black and white burnished, unglazed, raw clay "NAKED" surface. It has soft black and gray smoke patterns that are created in the raku process. All of my pots are wheel thrown, one of a kind creations. Although many may look similar, they are all unique. I mix all of my own glazes and am constantly creating and experimenting with new glazes. My pottery is signed on the bottom, it carries my name, and so I strive to create the highest quality pottery. I am confident that my pottery will enhance the beauty of your home or office, and will make an excellent gift for a friend

Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been creating and selling pottery for the last 16 years. I usually sell out of my studio, at art festivals, and trough galleries mostly in Utah. No matter what happens with my ebay experiment I am a potter for life. Along with selling pottery, I also teach ceramics and sculpture at the College of Eastern Utah. I have enjoyed this job for the last


Six years ago a I was doing some experimental raku with a friend of mine. We were learning the art of Terra Sigillata which, for our purpose, was a polished clay slip surface that we could color with pigments. At the time we were clear glazing them. One day we accidentally dropped a finished one, the pot broke and the glaze with the Terra Sigillata, underneath the glaze, chipped off of one section. What remained on the bare surface of the pot was a smoky crackle tree like pattern that made us so exited that we spent all summer trying to do it on purpose. We finally figured it out and named it Ghost Willow, after my friend, Willow, and the tree like pattern. Latter we incorporated the Terra Sigillata and the final results are amazing. Thinking that we had invented something new, I looked online and after many hours of searching found something similar. To my disappointment we had only âeoereinvented the wheelâe and the common name for the method is Naked Raku due to the fact that the pot has no glaze on it. Although others are doing it, not very many get as good of a result as mine and nobody does it the way I do..

ARTIST STATEMENT Pottery, to me, isnâe(tm)t just about form, texture, shape, and color. What really gets me excited about pottery is the creation, the discovery, and the exploration. Itâe(tm)s about the different processes and techniques used in the development of the art work. I strive to produce forms that best relate to, and exhibit, the essence of the methods used when it was fashioned. When all the elements come together and fuse into one extraordinary work of art, that's when I know I am traveling down the path I was intended. I hope the people that view and own my pottery will be able to feel the energy of life that was present at its creation.


Raku has been a fun and fascinating adventure for me that started over 15 years ago. Every day that I raku is like Christmas. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you are surprised, and sometimes you get a lump of coal.

The Raku process itself is centuries old and started in Japan w they would raku tea bowls for their tea ceremony. The process evolved and changed when it got to America. T are however still some similarities. Firing of a low temperature glaze, pulling the pot out of the kiln hot, throwing it in combustible leaves, and then quenching the pot in water, are all still common practices among ...

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