Whermacht bayonet K 98 German, COPPEL GmbH 1940

Whermacht bayonet K 98 German, COPPEL GmbH 1940, mint condition


- Producer: COPPEL GmbH 1940

- Production: 1940/1943. year

- Dimensions:

Length: total 40 cm, blade 25 cm, wood grip 15 cm

Weight: 0.65 kg

- Brune bayonet and scabbard

- Bayonet: 0609/5035/COPPEL GmbH 40

- Scabbard: 0609/260h/fze 43

- Wood grip

- Clean blade, very nice

- Mint condition

- Old and rare

Bayonet (with scabbard and leather frog) high quality product perfect German nazi industry WWII, for German Whermacht, mint condition

U nique opportunity to by this unused vintage bayonet manufactured for armed forces of German Whermacht .

S tock right from the former Y ugoslavia armed forces storage. I f you miss this opportunity, you most likely won`t have another one.
If you buy one of these bayonets, you certainly won`t regret it,because this is a great investment.

P rice of this high-quality maker`s marked immaculately preserved item is guaranteed to rise as the time passes.

This bayonet was manufactured sometime during or before WWII. This bayonet and scabbard has original s till, not un-usual for it's age and is a great example of Nazi WWII German manufactured p erfection.
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