HOLLY LULU by Marie Luise-Schulz - RARE!
* HOLLY LULU * 17" Tall, Full Vinyl Doll by Marie-Luise Schulz White Balloon Doll Company, Spain RARE ~ RETIRED Only 2 Available! 10% of sales proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Meet “Holly Lulu.” She is part of the "Holly Doll” Collection created by celebrated European doll artist, Marie-Luise Schulz.

Ms. Schulz has devoted her life to creating lifelike vinyl playmates for little girls around the world. Each Milly and Holly doll is a unique work of art, with its own personality to share. The artist tells us, “I have always believed that dolls are actually little people made out of rags, and that they have their own fancies, just like children."

Greetings from the Holly Dolls ~ Hello! We are the Hollys and the Millys are our little sisters and brothers. We enjoy taking care of them, playing with them, and reading nice stories. We already go to school and we love it!

Lovingly handcrafted by master dollmakers in poseable heirloom vinyl of the highest European quality. Their ensembles are crafted of the finest fabrics and materials.

" Holly Lulu" is wearing an adorable ensemble, lovingly designed just for her! Her shoes are of excellent quality . . . so comfortable and realistic-looking . . . perfect for going to school, or playtime
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