White Fir Spring Plume Agate Thunderegg Rough Slab RARE

Up for auction is a rough slab of plume agate from a thunderegg found near the Crook County White Fir Spring Thunderegg Claim. Most eggs in this area are filled with interesting multicolored jasper, but if you get in the right spots, amazing agate can also be found. This is from an old collection. Some lucky guy hit a spot kickin' out plume agate eggs. This slab is filled with multicolored plumes with fortification banding in the center. This could be polished for a gr8 specimen or cut into cabochons. It measures 2 x 1.9 x 3/16". It weighs .7 oz. Shown wet. Check out my other items ! Many $1 auctions starting soon. If you win 6 or more items in a one week period, shipping is free. Be sure to add me to your favorites list !