White House George Bush Easter Egg Roll 1989 Rose

Rose easter egg from 1989 Easter Egg Roll at the White House. Has facsimile signatures of President and First Lady on back

Here is the information regarding that event:

1989, March 27 . Attendance: Unknown.
HOSTS: President George Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush. Photographers capture separte pictures of granddaughter Ellie LeBlond with the president and grandson Pierce Bush in the arms of Mrs. Bush. Marilyn Quayle, wife of Vice President Dan Quayle, and her daughter Corinne "got up on stage, where Mrs. Quayle read a book to part of the crowd about 'Bloomer Bunny'."
SUPERMAN: Christopher Reeve (Superman) and his children Matthew and Alexandra appeared." Reeve read the book "Dr. De Soto."
MILESTONE (Collectibles: Eggs - Facsimile signatures added) : First time facsimile signatures of the President and First Lady appear.
EGGS: Quantity 20,000* [Newspaper reports 23,000, a second newspaper article notes 29,000 eggs.]
Six (6) official colors (deep shades): purple, blue, Kelly green, yellow, pink/salmon, and rose/raspberry.
Text in black ink.
Side 1 - Text only: "Easter at the White House 1989".
Side 2 - Facsimile signatures of "George Bush" and "Barbara Bush".
Produced by Allen-Rogers, Ltd., Laconia, NH.
THEME: "Family Easter at the White House 1989."