This is a beautiful item from " The Executive , West Wing of The White House " . These are made available only to The White House Staff , that work the closest to The President. This is NOT a Gift Shop Item! This beautiful Lapel Pin is from the current Administration of President George W. Bush . This is one of the most sought after pieces of jewelry from this Administration just because of their elegance and beauty !

This beautiful and ornate 14 karat gold covered, lapel pin, has a beautifully detailed gold filigree border. In the center with a deep, royal blue background and also in brilliant detail is the bold " Seal of The President ", surrounded by 50 gold stars. The Presidential Seal is covered with a clear acrylic coating. On the back is the engraved signature of George W. Bush .

This beautiful and exciting Lapel Pin, direct from the White House is new and has never been worn. You can wear it with pride knowing that you are wearing a piece of " Presidential History " , the likes, of which are rarely, if ever seen outside of The White House ! Don't pass up your chance to own this rare & wonderful item!

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