White Lace Babushka for Bridal Dance - BRAND NEW!

Brand new White Lace Babushka, worn for the tradition of the bridal dance. Made in Pennsylvania .

The tradition of the Bridal dance is an old custom from Slavic countries. The mother of the bride removes the brides veil and the mother-in-law ties on a babushka in its place, signifying she's a married woman now.
The Maid or Matron of Honor sits in a chair and collects money (in a bridal apron) from wedding guests for dances with the bride. When everyone finishes dancing with the bride, everyone forms a circle around the bride. Then, the groom is allowed back in the room and has to try to break through the crowd to get to the bride. Only after he is able to get to the bride is he allowed to take his bride away.
This tradition is alot of fun and having a beautiful lace babushka to wear makes it a memorable event for all.