Rare WHITE Prototype 1963 Rocky Bullwinkle Lunch Kit SPACE Alien LUNCH BOX toy

Very rare WHITE vinyl version of the 1963 Bullwinkle in space lunch kit.
It is believed the white version was not issued for regular production.
Very nice with bright graphics. No splits in the vinyl. Light corrosion on the metal rivets and latch. Surface hairline scratches and dirt to the white vinyl. We gave the box a very gentle wipe down (it was very dirty when discovered) and it could benefit from a more thorough cleaning.
The following is a portion from a hake's catalog description of this rare box which nicely details the differences between the white and blue versions:
Extremely rare vinyl lunchbox. 7x9x4" deep vinyl lunch box by King-Seeley Thermos Co. ©1963 P.A.T. Ward Productions. Lunch box was also produced in blue variety with noticeable differences, blue version had space bkg. showing round planet, white version has ringed planet and comet images. Left-hand side panel features images of Mr. Peabody attending "Peabody" rocket. Blue version had additional planet and stars bkg., white version does not. Right-hand side panel features Rocky and "Rocky USA" space capsule. Blue box version has satellite and star bkg. White version has planets and stars. One of the rarest of all lunch boxes vinyl, metal or otherwise. Stands at #7 on the rarest lunchboxes list in the 2008 O'Brien toy book. Only 5 examples
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