THIS IS VERY FRESH sage..White Broadleaf Sage.. This is loose bulk sage with stems. Each stem/cluster can be used as if it were a wand/bundle. No hassle putting it out! Efficient for clearing work space etc. If smudging a crowd, just use more as needed. Some folks prefer it with the stems with leaves attached. .

The box you see is 1 Lb. of sage. The box is approx. 12" wide X 8" deep. It is not quite filled to the top. When shipping, I put each pound of Bulk sage in a large shopping bag. It fills the bag abot 3/4 of the way. Then I box it. This keeps it intact on traveling to you, less breakage. Yes, I combine shipping....as a rule, it is $3.00 extra per item purchased added onto the base shipping cost of the first item.

Thanks for looking