Whitesnake s/t Serpens Albus Mini LP SHM CD JAPAN OBI

Whitesnake s/t (1987 Serpens Albus) Mini LP SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) JAPAN 1st Press Limited Edition (2008 24bit Remastered ) w/ Mini LP Type Paper Sleeve Cover , Record Label Card with the Serial Number ( No. 0006 ), Inner Bag , Lyrics , Japan Original Insert ( Japanese Exclusive Mini LP SHM-CD Release : Super High Material CD - Playable on All CD Players ) - Out Of Print UICY-93464 ( Japanese Official Release )
1.Crying in the Rain
2.Bad Boys
3.Still of the Night
4.Here I Go Again
5.Give Me All Your Love
6.Is This Love
7.Children of the Night
8.Straight for the Heart
9.Don't Turn Away
Vo. David Coverdale (ex Deep Purple, ex Coverdale/Page, ex Vintage 67, ex Denver Mule, ex The Skylinners, ex Harvest, ex Rivers Invitation, ex The Fabulosa Brothers, ex The Government)
G,Vo. John Sykes (Blue Murder, ex Thin Lizzy, ex Sykes, ex John Sloman's Badlands, ex Streetfighter, ex Tygers Of Pan Tang, ex The Three Musketers)
B. Neil Murray (Rondinelli, MSG, Empire, M3, MGM, The Company Of Snakes, The Brian May Band, Warumpi Band, ex SAS Band, ex Gary Moore Band, ex Vow Wow, ex Gogmagog, ex Fender Houseband, ex Peter Green Splinter Group, ex Babe Ruth, ex Alaska, ex Colosseum II, ex Cozy Powell's Hammer, ex Forcefield, ex Black Sabbath, ex Hanson, ex Gilgamesh, ex National Health, ex Informer,
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