Whitman Old Maid # 4492 Playing Cards – Complete

Whitman Old Maid # 4492 Playing Cards – Complete. This Old Maid set is in excellent condition and comes with a title card, rule card, original plastic box with embossed Whitman logo, Old Maid Card and 21 pairs of cards featuring crazy characters with alliterative names giving their occupation. They are: Alto Annie; Arnie Angler; Bagpipe Barney; Baker Benny; Ballet Betty; Billy Blaze; Careless Carrie; Clancy Clown; Crazy Cop; Diver Dan; Fifi Fluff; Freddie Falloff; Greenthumb Gert; Hayseed Hank; Heap Big Talk; Lasso Louie; Loggin' Larry; Milkman Mo; Postman Pete; Slap On Sam; Tumbledown Tess Cards look to have been played with maybe once with very clean edges. 3 or 4 of the cards have very slight 1/8"-1/4” creases. Free Shipping.
As always, if you have any questions, or would like to see more pictures, please let me know.