5 Whitman Teen Girl's Books-Ginny Gordon, Trudy Phillips, Polly French-

This is for five vintage Whitman glossy covered teen girl's books.Titles and a brief description of each follows.If you have any questions, please ask, and thanks for looking!
1) Polly French Takes Charge -1954-some wear to spine and one corner-inside a tear near binding in front and back at bottom
2) Trudy Phillips New Girl-1953-some wear to spine and corners
3) Ginny Gordon and the Mystery at the Old Barn-1954- slight wear to spine-best condition of all
4) Polly French and the Surprising Stranger- 1956-good inside small tear at top of spine on outside of book
5) Polly French of Whitford High- worst condtion -spine is off the book which caused some loose areas when the book is opened--pages are still attached to the binding and book is perfectly readable despite the damage. Some slight wear to one corner also.