Wow what a great early persian rug, in fantastic condition. T are no stains, worn spots, or wear anyplace on the face of the rug. The colors are great, except it does need a good cleaning. We did not touch it, as found. Sorry, I was not able to get a full picture because of the size and the room it was in. Was in an upstairs room w t was no activity on it. Just did collect dust over the years, so needs refreshed. It is 10.6 X 18, and even the back is clear, as you can see in the photo. You can see the excellent workmanship w it is sewn, and the name Whittall stamped by every piece! The Pattern is 333 and the color is 655, and the registration number is 278220. OTHER than needing cleaned, t is is some slight pulling on the very binding edge, in a small area, And, t is a 8" piece of trim missing on the upper edge, also pictured. It could easily be replaced. I think it was carelessly handled in the moving of it, and the worker tried to pick it or carry it by the fringe. In any event, it is a great piece.

I have not sold a rug of this size, but would guess it would have to go with a furniture van, and the price would depend on your location, so this will have to be discussed after purchase. Also, you could pick it up, or view it if you live close to Cleveland, we are only 90 miles, or Pittsburgh, 40 miles, and 40 miles from
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