Wholesale 100 US Coins unc dol halves qtrs dimes nickels cents lot 8w

My friends; I can no longer do flat rate shipping due to customer feedback that shipping is to high, so I have thought through the problem as to still offer shipping savings. I can't do free shipping because there just is not that much room between what I pay for coins and the auction start price. I'm offering three lot sizes 100 uncirculated US coins,500 uncirculated US coins, 1000 uncirculated US coins.

Shipping rates are just less than I pay:

100 uncirculated US coins - Small USPS priority mail flat rate shipping box $5.00 (shown upper center of photos)

500 uncirculated US coins - Medium USPS priority mail flat rate shipping box $9.00 (shown Left side of photos)

1000 uncirculated US coins - Large USPS priority mail shipping box $14.00 (shown right side of photos)

I use only USPS priority mail flat rate shipping boxes. I based lot sizes on what I can fit into each size flat rate box. You can see that shipping savings is increased as larger lots are purchased.

I purchased thousands and some time more than 10,000 coins per month for resale in these wholesale lots. I try to purchase what I think will be interesting to the possible buyers.

There are thousands of coins here, so I do not have the dates and mint marks to list here. There are Ike, SBA, SAC and presidential dollars, halves,
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