Wholesale-Lot 3 Cuba RR Co., 1908 !

A group of 3 certificates Cuba RR Co., 1908 ! VF

Summer-Special 2012 : You buy for $ 250+ and we pay the postage !!! You can collect the whole month of June 2012 and we will send the invoice the first days of Julyl 2012 !

All certificates will be sold as collectables; no stock market value !

Q&A : ( or: when a german wants to explain in english ;-)

Q1) What is the meaning of: 'You buy for $ 250+ and we pay the postage' ?

A1) This means that you pay no postage for your wins in case your purchases exceed the amount of USD 250 ! You can wait until the end of all runs ( in this case June 30 ) and we will send your bill after that date ! If you want your material quick, just pay quick ! To pay ..

Q2) My home is in Tasmania and I bought 2 of your heavy lots for the total of USD 150; how much is my total including postage ?

A2) This would be USD 150 for the merchandise and 2 x 5 USD postage = Grand total USD 160 ! No matter how big, heavy or valuable your lot(s) might be - to make it easy we charge USD 5 per lot, no matter you live in Fireland or Potsdam !

Q2a) Do you combine shipping ?

A2a) Yes, we do, yes, we do !!! YESSSSS ! For example: you bought 4 lots - value USD 100-; postage would be 4x5 = USD 20 ( Total USD 120 ); if we can send your material
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