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WHO'S AFRAID OF INVISIBLE THREAD? by Jon LeClair (DVD) - You won't be afraid for long...this DVD will teach you everything.
The Effect
This is considered the definitive work on magic with invisible thread. If you have ever wanted to perform astounding magic where objects seem to move and float on their own this is your opportunity. Based on Jon LeClair's best-selling book "The Art of Invisible Thread," this program takes you on a candid outing where LeClair performs live for startled spectators in a restaurant. You are then taught how to perform everything. LeClair's techniques can be used at virtually anytime and in any situation -- they are the most practical methods for using invisible thread ever developed.
Routines performed and taught: Whirling Card: Inspired by Bob Hummer's Whirling Card, a borrowed business card spins in mid air and flies around your body.
Standing Card: Based on a routine by Gaeton Bloom, a borrowed business card is balanced on it's edge on the back of your hand.
Erectile Bill: LeClair's version of Al Baker's popular routine where a borrowed bill is folded lengthwise and placed on a table -- it slowly begins to rise until it is standing upright.
Floating Bill: A borrowed
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