Wilcox L2G05 Style MOUNT DEVGRU SEAL MarSOC PVS 15 18 Ops Core Crye Norotos MICH

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Dear customer. If you want to buy this item and ebay is restricting your purchase based on ITAR regulations please contact me!!!

Dear eBay: this item is a replica and does not violate ITAR regulations!!

Here is the unique opportunity to get a costum made high quality replica version of the well known Wilcox L2G05 NVG mount used by the Navy SEALs and some USMC units.

The mount is made of high quality stainless steel and was machined on a CNC controlled laser cutting-machine. It is designed to use it with the TMC L3G24 seen on the pictures. Every screw and nut required to mount it together with the L3G24 and for the assembling on a helmet is included. It contents of three sheet metall parts, three screws, five nuts and three shims. It will be delivered in preassembled condition.
It is compatible to the standard three hole pattern and easy to mount on every helmet.

Limited quantity!

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