Wild Heerbrugg M11 Microscope with Case

Wild Heerbrugg M11 Microscope

This M11 microscope offered here is a pristine example. Mechanically and cosmetically it is in outstanding condition. The microscope consists of a 45 o monocular head fitted with a (WF10x 18mm) wide field ocular lens (this lens is not marked Wild Heerbrugg and so is likely a later replacement). The four piece turret nosepiece has three Wild Heerbrugg objective lenses fitted (4/0.10 , 10/0.25 & 40/0.65 d=0.17). A fixed circular stage with slide clips, beneath which sits a single lens condenser with iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder. Illumination is supplied by a Wild Heerbrugg single lamp unit which fits directly into the base. As can be seen in the picture the rare bullet case with original leather carry handle and clasps is also present.

The M11 was introduced by Wild Heerbrugg in 1954 (60 th anniversary) and is Swiss engineered in solid brass. The moveable monocular tube is smooth and precise as is the turret nosepiece which positively locks into viewing positions. The course focus is achieved by movement of the tube, while fine focus moves the stage (with indicated increments of 2μm). The condenser assembly is also fully adjustable.

Paintwork throughout is excellent with only minor lapses (mostly at the base where the bullet case comes in contact). Likewise the bullet
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