Wildlife Explorer Books Binders 780+ Animal Fact Card Set Children Educational

Nice collection of approximately 780 Wildlife Explorer Cards in 5 Binders. These are in excellent shape. Has some very minor shelf wear here and there, but there is no writing or names in any of the binders or on any pages.
The cards are in order about halfway to two-thirds through in each section until towards the end of each section where the collection wasn't completed. The company does not send pages for each section in order, necessarily, so this collection might have 200 pages in order then towards the end you might have pages 242, then 245, then 250 and on like that. I am assuming that way they keep you buying to fill in the missing pages as you go.
Not having all the pages does not affect the continuity of this product, you just have less animals, etc. There is no "order" of presentation to this series. There are also 7 Content pages which is a PARTIAL listing of all the animals that could be found in this set. These cards were about $9.00 per every 12 cards. This collection equals 65 sets of 12 cards for an approximate retail value of $585!!
Group 1 - Mammals - 282 Pages ranging from page 1 -328
Group 2 - Birds - 186 pages ranging from 1 -239
Group 3 - Reptiles/ Amphibians - 42 pages ranging from 1-55
Group 4 - Fish - 35 pages ranging from 1-47
Group 5 - Invertebrates - 45 pages ranging from
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