Collection of Seven Pewter Sculptures "Wildlife of North America" by Ralph Berg ~ Produced by Franklin Mint

This auction is for a seven-piece limited edition collection of sculptures crafted in solid pewter from an original work of art created by Ralph Berg expressly for the Franklin Mint collection, Wildlife of North America . Franklin Mint produced and sold this limited edition set for in 1975-1976.

Each piece is a solid pewter sculpture and includes it's original foam padded box and slip cover, along with each animal's certificate of authenticity and description pamplet of animal; The American Elk does not have certificate/pamplet. Approximately 8 lbs. of pewter . Included in this collection are:

The Bighorn Sheep The Sea Lion The Pronghorn Antelope The Mountain Goat The White-tailed Deer The Polar Bear The American Elk for a larger detailed view of each piece.

Auction includes all seven pictured pewter statues and six appear to have no visible damage or chips, while I've attached the last two pictures of the sea lion so you can see some blemished areas w he may have been dropped. These two pictures appear darker than all the others because I took them without a flash so you can see the noted areas described. I've only included a picture of one of the boxes in its slip cover for reference; all
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