WILHELM KAGE Gustavsberg Argenta Art Deco Vase

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This auction is offering an extremely RARE and IMPORTANT piece of exquisite Art Deco-era Argenta ware by the renowned Swedish artist and ceramist, Wilhelm Kåge (1889-1960). More below on Kåge and Argenta ware.

It is decidedly larger than most Argenta pieces surviving today, approximately: 7¾ inches (20 cm.) high by 6½ inches (16 cm.) wide, at top.

This superlative example of Kåge's art depicts the Greek myth of "Leda and the Swan" and is among Kåge's more important pieces. It appears to be in near-mint condition, given its age, with only the barest amount of wear to the silver and some water discoloration to the interior of the vase. T is absolutely no crazing to the glaze, a frequent weakness found in older Argenta pieces.

The details of the Leda figure are clear and crisp; beautifully modeled. You can almost count the strands of her flowing hair. The feathers of the swan (according to the myth, the god Zeus in disguise), particularly its wings and head, are exquisitely detailed as well, yet both figures have the typically streamlined characteristics of Art Deco. As is found in only the very best Argenta pieces, the silver detailing extends also to the rim of the vase, its edge decorated with a band of silver in a laurel wreath pattern (see photos).

Kåge's own
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