This is a set of "WILKINSON SWORD" knives that are in individual, self-sharpening cases that lock into a holder that you can put on the wall, counter, or w ever you like. The individual holders lock in and come out. I purchased this set of knives at an estate sale and I have no idea of their age, I believe they are vintage, but am not positive. This set contains the main holder that holds the three individual holders, which t are three, and t are three knives. The largest knife is a tad over 13 inches long with a 8 1/4 inch blade, it is marked on the blade (as is each of them), "WILKINSON SWORD", "STAINLESS" and it has the crossed sword mark. They all have molded handles that are made of some type of very hard plastic and they are very sturdy, no wobble in the blades. The other two knives are the same size, measuring 8 5/8 inches long, each, with the blades being 5 1/8 inches long and they are all marked. I have never taken them apart from the main holder but they do have latches on the ends to release them and the largest one fits snugly but they other two fit looser but I don't know why. I am sure these knives have been used but the knife set appears to be in very good condition and would be a great asset to any kitchen or for a collector. I have added $1 to actual shipping cost to help cover the expense of shipping and handling ... read more