*RARE* William Acheff High-Quality Print ~ 'Path To Oneness' *LAST ONE!

Having seen many (and owned a few) of William Acheff's paintings, I am always amazed by his ultra~realistic style 'trompe l’oeil' style. On this particular image, look at the weave of the blanket, the kernels of corn, the 'scotch tape' holding the photograph to the wall, and the photograph itself, all painted on (an original) .
This is number 94 of a Limited Edition of 225. This measures just over 32" vertically, 20" horizontally. The image is 30" X 17." It was breezy when I climbed the ladder to take the full-size picture, hence the little stone bears on the corners ~ 'bearing down.'

** From NedraMatteucci Galleries

William Acheff brilliantly captures the illusory qualities and lifelike perfection that is demanded in a classic trompe l'oeil painting. His realistic compositions often reflect the distinctive influences of Native American cultures and of the Southwest, where he makes his home. From an early age, Acheff had an interest in painting. Though he studied art in high school, he never dreamed of becoming a painter. It was not until several years later, while working as a barber in his California salon, that Acheff had the opportunity to meet the Italian artist, Roberto Lupetti. The Italian awakened Acheff's interest in art once again. He soon began an intense European-style apprenticeship with Lupetti, spending
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