William Fox THE REGENERATION Glass Movie Slide, 1915

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Color Glass Movie Coming Attraction Slide for the 1915 Fox Film Corporation release, ”THE REGENERATION” , directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Rockliffe Fellowes & Anna Q. Nilsson.

Slide consists of two panes measuring 3 1/4” by 4”, which are held together with pieces of black tape (like duct tape) on the edges of the two panes, overlapping the front and back edges by an eighth of an inch or so. There is a blank border across the bottom which was to list local show days if the local theatre wanted to, similar to window cards.

Condition: Slide is in good condition except for pieces of the black tape missing from the border on bottom and back of top. There are also a couple tiny glass bubbles on bottom left which are probably manufacturer imperfections. Overall in good shape! Coming Attraction slides were an early means of advertising movies. Glass slides were; the precursor to the movie trailer. They were shown in theaters, usually before a film. Interestingly, the two forms of promotion began about the same time and existed side by side for many years. Like lobby cards, posters, and movie heralds, glass slides could be ordered by local theater managers from the studio and area film exchange. PLEASE WAIT TO RECEIVE AN INVOICE BEFORE
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