William Hogarth Gin Lane & Beer Street reproduction prints+ copy of story

This is a small bespoke limited edition of William Hogarth's, 'Gin Lane & Beer street'.
It has been reproduced from a Victorian etched edition and digitally printed on 100gm A3 'Conqueror High White Wove' paper.(this is slightly soft-white colour)
The original Victorian size was slightly over A4 but sits very comfortably on A3 with a decent margin all around to allow for mounting and framing.
The actual image size is 250 x 292mm + the title beneath add another 7-8mm to the height
Also included is a 4 page photocopied story description of each of the 2 plates, drawing attention to all of Hogarth's details and meanings hidden in little corners of the prints.
This makes a wonderful present and they look magnificent when hung.
Please note I am also selling Hogarth's, 'Rakes Progress' set of 8 prints, on another listing and can offer free postage on the additional item.
Please feel free to contact me with any queries.
Note postage is free to UK customers only