Wilson Audiophile W 9026 THE DESOTOS Stunning NM


Cruisin With The Desotos

Authentic 50’s Sound

Direct to 2 Track Stereo

Stunning Copy Of A Legendary Recording

A Must Have For All Audiophile Music Lovers

Side One :

1. Good Lovin (2:18)

2. I’M Ready (3:15)

3. Hang On Sloopy (2:41)

4. Mony Mony (3:12)

5. Coffee Cup (3:57)

6. Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On (2:14)

Side Two :

7. Heartbreak Hotel (2:00)

8. I Saw An Angel (3:00)

9. Summertime Blues (2:24)

10. Rockin Memories (2:38)

11.Tequila (2:12)

12. Runaway (2:19)

THE DESOTOS : -------------------------------

THE DESOTOS In 1988 a group of musicians performed their favorite tunes at the Sage Inn in tiny Springville, Utah. The pay was poor, and the crowd was meager, but the music was classic, and the Desotos were born.

The idea for the Desotos came to Paul Sames, a television supervisor, while he was watching his collegues on the small screen. He noticed how warmly the american public seemed to be embracing vintage entertainment -- everything from “I Love Lucy” reruns on cable televisions, to Chuck Berry hits on the radio. He Saw an audience for the entertainment he loved best -- vintage Rock and Roll.

Paul’s basement became
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