Winchester 1885 Single-Shot High Wall Rifle Blueprints

This is an amazing historic resource and an invaluable reference tool for the gunsmith, re-enactor, single-shot rifle enthusiast, cowboy action shooter or blackpowder fan! This package contains a wide selection of drawings related to the legendary Winchester 1885 Single-Shot Rifle, also frequently known as the High Wall. This is the first rifle patented by legendary firearms inventor John Moses Browning, and it began his long relationship with the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Included in this auction are 20 pages of large format 11x17 drawings. They include six pages of precise measured drawings of every part of the gun for both single-trigger and double-set trigger models. That includes drawings for the triggers, receiver, barrel, finger lever, lower tang, knockoff, hammer fly, extractor, link, breechblock, hammer, firing pin, butt stock, forearm, butt plate, and all the pins, screws, and springs. All dimensions are clear and readable. Supplementing these drawings are nine pages of copies of what appear to be original Winchester factory drawings, most dating to 1906. These factory drawing copies are not as clear as the precision dimensioned drawings, but they are included for their historic value and interest. Following those are three pages of clearly dimensioned gunsmith drawings that detail key parts of the gun, including

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