Winchester Advertising Horse and Rider Statue

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Winchester Advertising Horse and Rider Statue
Winchester Advertising Horse and Rider Statue

This listing is for vintage Advertising piece given out by Winchester to various dealers of their firearms and/or firearm supplies.

The statue is of what looks to me to be a Pony Express rider. He has a rifle resting over his left arm, holding the reins with his left hand, reaching back holding a whip in his right hand urging his horse forward faster. Overall, it is 7-1/2” long by 7-1/4” high.

The reins are made of single strand of wire and the whip is of multiple stands of wire I presume to make it look like a riding whip as opposed to a wagon team whip (I have looked up the statue and it looks like the whip is supposed to be stranded wire instead of the single wire often seen).

The statue is painted (2 layers, primer plus to top coat) over cast metal (looks like ‘pot’ metal, silver-ish underneath). While the statue is not Bronze, the finish gives it the appearance of a Vintage Bronze patina.

Condition is over all very good to excellent in my opinion. T are several minor ‘chips’ in the paint around the piece from normal handling. The paint on this type of item is usually quite easily ‘chipped off’ and so normal handling over the
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