Winchester Hammerless Repeating Shotgun Advertising w/Beautiful Typed Letter

October 5, 1918 Winchester Model 1912 Light-Weight Hammerless Repeating Shotgun. Comes in 12, 16 and 20 Gauge. This cover is not in great shape. The beauty in this cover lies the typed letter and the people it is from and to. First of all the cover and letter are from R.D. Fornea who owned a General Merchandise Store in Varnado, LA. He sent a typed letter to his friend Mr. Lee O. Bridewell in Columbia, Mississippi. I suggest you look up these names and locations in Google. You will find them rich in local US history. The letter is full of punctuation errors and spelling mistakes. The "o" in every word has a hole where the typewriter actually hit so hard it made perfect holes in the paper. If you are a family member of either of these two gentlemen or are interested in the local history or even if you just collect covers with letters you won't want to miss this one. I discounted the cover and letter due to the condition of the cover.

I scanned the letter large enough that you can read it. But if you can't read it please contact me through eBay and laeve me your e-mail address and I will send you a scan large enough to read the letter.

Shipping on this item is at my coist. Multiple purchases save on shipping fees. Contact me if you have any questions oe want larger scans.