Winchester Mirror with Frame Model 1873 Repeating Arms

Winchester Mirror with Frame Model 1873 Repeating Arms Company. The Gun That won the west. In Great Condition. Insurance required.My Policies: Payment must be made within 5 days of auction close. ALL CLOTHING ITEMS WILL BE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Which means when you receive your item and if you are not happy with your item than simple return the item the way it was ship and 100% of the item cost will be refunded! Shipping cost will not be returned to you. Item has to be shipped back in original condition. This doesn't not count on items damaged due to shipping damage. NON - Clothing items sold for anything less than $50.00 will also be 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Simple return the item if not happy, and item cost will be refunded minus shipping if item is returned in original condition. Also I need and email within 48 hours of delivery confirmation to be eligible. ALL other items will be considered AS-IS, No promises , no guarantees, no refunds. If it was a serious mistake by my listing then that item will be considered. Shipping will never be refunded. If it was an honest mistake on my part then it will be addressed. Since I am the seller I will determine if it was an honest mistake. Ask questions before bidding is always great. I will assume you know what you are buying. If you do not plan on paying don't bid, I will

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