WINCHESTER "REPEATER" Pheasant 16ga. Dupont, Peters

WINCHESTER REPEATER PHEASANT 16 gauge "Brush Load." Excellent condition, empty box, 2 9/16 inch load 2 1/2 - 1 - 7 1/2 shot. Very Rare Box, overall excellent, some light overall soiling, edges sharp, no bulges, top flap has one inch split that is right corner of top and insert flap, also at edge of - (dash) and 7 1/2 is half inch glued flap repair. Both of these blemishes are not a problem, see 2nd picture. 6th picture shows crease of inner flap. Bottom flap all good, Beautiful Pheasant graphics on this rare box. Empty. $12 shipping/handling includes insurance. See my companion Leader Quail box and other vintage collectible listings. Thanks.