Winchester Trenchgun Handguard / Heatshield Model 12

Ebay: This item is a heatshield to protect your hands from heat and has nothing to do with the operation of any firearm. This item in no way shape or form has anything to do with the operation a gun or assault weapon and is a legal accessory in all 50 states, to include California and Washington DC. It is not on any banned list and certainly is not on the EBay banned item list.

For your consideration: A MINT condition 98% original finish WWII Winchester M12 Trench gun Heatshield / Handguard. This is a very late original finish parkerized model that was issued on a late parkerized finish Winchester Model 12 shotgun. It is marked with the Winchester "W" and comes with the original brushed blued finish mounting screws. The finish is the original GI green, shows only minor usage, and shows no sign of sanding, pitting or possible refinishing. This handguard will also fit the M1897 and M97 Winchester Trench Shotguns if so desired. Bid with confidence, you will not be disappointed...

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