'Window' Mica

'Window' Mica This unusual crystal section of Mica has purple Lepidolite, (Lepidolite (KLi 2Al(Al,Si) 3O 10 (F,OH) 2 is a lilac or rose-coloured phyllosilicate mineral of the mica group that is a secondary source of L ithium) as the outer section and a clear Mica at the centre (the clear Mica is semi-transparent, hence the name 'Window' Mica) . Lepidolite is a birthstone for the zodiac sign of Libra and is a gemstone for the third eye chakra and crown chakra. It is a good tool for assisting transition, hope and honesty, it reduces stress and depression. M easures approx. 7.9 cms x 5.6 cms x 0.5 cms at the widest points. Check out my other items ! Be sure to add me to your favourites list !

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