Windy Meadows Pottery GAZEBO 1980s Hand Crafted EXQUISITE DETAIL * PIECE OF ART

GAZEBO: 5" x 6" octagon and 6" tall. PEEK INSIDE to view inside of Gazebo to find chair and table with vase of flowers. Ornate shingled roof and archways, embellishment around windows and openings.
FROM THE 1986 Catalog (complete digital copy will be provided but piece may not be included in catalog): "Windy Meadows Pottery is a unique artistic enterprise specializing in a hand built stoneware clay re-creation of old-time town and country buildings. Artist Jan Richardson designs each Windy Meadows creation and oversees all the precise steps involved in producing the delicate and delightful works of art . Each house, church, barn, and shop is built one at a time, and each is as individual as the dedicated crafts-person who creates it.
Each delightful Windy Meadows Pottery house is lovingly created during hours of meticulous and artistic endeavor and is as special as the time in which it was created. Some of the buildings are faithful reproductions of historic landmarks, while others are whimsical reminiscences of yesteryear life and times. Each is really about people and all the warmth and idiosyncrasies we identify with our own homes and dreams: they represent the places where we grew up, a cottage glimpsed from a winding country road, or the gem we always planned to find and restore to its past glory.
The building
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