Wine Cup Handblown Wine Glass Irridized Lip Red Blue

I don't know quite what it is about this body color I find so appealing, but it is. This nice Blown Glass Wine Cup's body and interior is, depending on the light, pale olive/light army green/golden tan/golden tan with green tint. I find it much more attractive than it sounds. Design work of red tones, dark twilight blues with a fine golden webbing, white with golden yellow shading, and golden beige/tan/browns. Raised areas of glass around the body for nice 3 dimensional effects as well as good tactile qualities. Very nice undulating, metallic irridized lip, vertical ribbing on the upper section, and irregular body shape. I am making more and more of my cups with these undulating shapes for a number of reasons. The shapes have a very organic look and feel, they seem more alive, the shape contributes to the feeling of movement, adds greatly to the 3 dimensional qualities, and, very important, they are great to hold. This winecup is immensly nicer to handle than a perfectly round and even glass or cup. This is a very nice cup, that has the character I try and get into my cups. This cup measures 4" high, 2-7/8" diameter at it's widest, and 2-1/2" across the top. As with all my wine cups, the natural punty mark is recessed slightly in the base. The punty mark is a wonderful mark of it's being handmade, an important part of it's creation,

All of my winecups, all of my glass, is designed and made in my one artist studio by myself. Mine is an art studio, not a production studio, and every single piece is absolutely one of a kind, as you can clearly see looking at all of the pieces I offer, and have offered. Every piece I make is started as a new work, with the intent of making something completely new and different, and hopefully even better than the previous pieces. You can click on the beside my seller name, the studioartist, to see my studio and more info.

Perfect for a Special Gift or to keep yourself. These wine cups are so much more interesting to hold and to drink from than traditional wine glasses. Try one for a different experience and you'll see. Most of my wine cups are fairly similar in size to a wine glass bowl section, just without the stem and foot.

I believe my winecups to be very unusual and unique. They each have their own personality, and are very comfortable to hold. It is a very different, pleasurable experience to drink wine from one of these cups. Of course, even if you don't drink wine, this cup would be a pleasure to own or would make a truly unique gift for someone special. This is an original, one of a kind, handblown glass work that is a pleasure to look at and to use. Made by and signed Watson. Please click on 'sellers other items' or on my ebay store to see more.

My website shows more of my work. Lots of wine cups with multiple closeups of each, glass, pottery tea bowls, paintings and more. Take a look at

Each piece of my work is one of a kind. All of my winecups have the natural punty mark in a slightly recessed base.

One Important Note: These glass cups are not meant for hot liquid such as Tea or Coffee. The glass you see used for coffee cups or hot use is pyrex or another form of borosilicate glass, a glass made for hot use, and is not the glass I use. With most non-pyrex glass such as mine, coffee or tea poured into it would likely cause thermal shock and cracking or breakage.

Also please note the size, as I take closeups so that all the fantastic detail can be seen, and the photos sometimes make the cup appear larger than it is.


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