Wings Comics - Golden Age (Fine Grades)

The costumed heroes of the Golden Age ruled not only the news stands, but the air waves and the silver screen as well. In the early 1940′s, radio programs reflected America’s involvement in World War II. As the number of news and human interest programs grew, evening variety, musical, quiz, and audience participation programs shrunk. During this time, evening dramatic programs exploded in growth. During the middle to late 1940′s, radio drama reached its peak, then came the expansion of television, causing it to quickly fade into history.
First published in 1940, Wings Comics was the descendent of Fiction House’s old Wings magazine from the 1920s. Both the comic and the magazine were aimed at flight enthusiasts, with earlier issues, in particular, concentrating on aviation history and (relatively) basic aerobatic stunts such as wing-walking. As the war in Europe spread to America, the magazine moved from a pure aviation focus to publishing war-hero stories that were virtually indistinguishable from the Blackhawk and Captain Midnight tales that were popular at the time. Thankfully, the title later regained its stature by shifting the focus to true-life aviation heroes, aviation history, as well as model airplane building. Although never a huge sales success, it maintained a loyal fan base of flight
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