Winnie Pooh Perpetual Calendar - Danbury Mint - Disney

This is a Winnie the Pooh Perpetual Calendar, from Danbury Mint.
A year full of fun in the Hundred Acre Wood! Each hand-painted figurine takes its place in the specially-designed perpetual calendar. A delightful way to display the 12 piece collection of charming figurines. Figurines approximately 3'' high. Display 22'' high by 16'' wide by 3½'' deep.

It comes with a nicely finished display shelf, a set of numbered tiles for the days and special tiles for the major holidays. All 12 figurines are also included, and 11 have only been removed from the boxes to inspect for damage. The box for the November figurine got lost somew along the way, and Pooh's November sign got broken. I'm sure a crafty person could easily make a new one.

This set has never been displayed and, except for the one figurine mentioned above, all pieces are in like-new condition, in their original packaging. We received the pieces on a monthly basis, shipped seperately, but in order to ship the complete set, and avoid an oversize package, I will remove the nine small shelves. They are screwed in from the back and I'll number them, so they can be screwed back on.

Shipping will be USPS parcel post or priority mail. Domestic shipping only.

Thanks for looking.