Winnie The Pooh Complete Monthly Set 12 Trinket Boxes

is a wonderful complete set of Winnie The Pooh trinket Boxes. This is an older set, marked on the bottom "Disney designed by Midwest of Cannon Falls". T are 12 boxes, each one represents a different month. They are all wonderfully detailed. 11 boxes are perfect. The December box has a crack in the bottom only (last photo). The crack has been sealed and does not affect the display or opening and closing of the box, since it is near the bottom and Pooh is perfect on top, the crack can not be seen when the box is displayed. Let me tell you about each wonderful box: First is Jan, Pooh sits atop blowing a noise maker with a New Year's Hat. You open the box and inside it reads, "Happy Day". New Year's confetti decorate the bottom of the box. Second is Feb, Pooh hugs a big pink heart, you open the box and it reads, "Always". The bottom of the box is tied with a pink bow. Third is March, Pooh has his honey under one arm and is licking it off a four leaf clover in his other hand, you open the box and it reads, "What Grand Luck", The bottom is decorated with four leaf clovers. Fourth is April, Pooh has his Blue umbrella and yellow ducky as he splashes through puddles in his blue boots, you open the box and it reads, "Just Puddling along" The bottom is decorated with ducks and raindrops. Fifth is May, Pooh holds a bunch of pink flowers. You ... read more