Winnie the Pooh,Tigger Animated Musical Pendulum Clock

Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet Animated, Musical, Wall Clock!

Watch all the gears turn and move on the hour, with one of four different pooh songs, in pooh's voice! When the gears move, it is depicting tigger trying to catch bees. It has a "night time" sensor mode which will stop the music function when it is dark to ensure nobody gets woken up by it. It has volume control too! You also may turn the musical/gear function off completely if you choose. T is also a small button you push to play and watch the show over and over if you choose! The pendulum is Piglet in a tire swing making this just the cutest clock! It keeps perfect time! It is 12" diameter and sits 4 3/4" from the wall. The Piglet pendulum is 6" long from the bottom of the clock. It's an impressive piece and kids LOVE IT!

Thanks for looking! : )