Winooski Vermont Hard Rock Maple Catalog - Wood Cover

Offered for sale in this auction is a one of a kind 1937 Vermont Manufacturing Company Inc (Winooski Vermont / VT) Solid Vermont Hard Rock Maple Furniture Catalog. A unique piece of Vermont history is captured in this catalog made with a hard rock maple bound cover. Included in the catalog are 10 fold out sales booklets and a price guide. I am a Cushman Colonial Collector (Bennington Vermont) and was drawn to this piece at a flea market in Belgium (of all places). I was going to use this in my cabin, as a unique scrap book, but I don't have the space.

In 1934 the Richard Manufacturing Company changed its name to Vermont Furniture Company and registered its trademark maple leaf inscribed with the words “Solid Rock Maple made in Vermont for generations”. The product line was expanded to now include furniture to fit every room in the house and with the employment of the service of Mr. Mario Clavarino another master carver. A penthouse studio was built on the top of the Vermont Furniture Company building to be the office and work area exclusively for Mr. Clavarino to create and to provide a place to rest. Mr. Clavarino was dedicated to his job and seldom left the premises.

As the work force reached up to 300 people, Vermont Furniture Company became one of the largest employers in the city. It was at this time that shop
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